Harry Stammers Window

The window in the Lady Chapel is by the glass painter HARRY STAMMERS who has become famous as a church artist in most recent times.

He was born in London in 1902 and worked for James Powell and Son being employed there at the age of 16.

Stammers worked there until 1943 when he was employed by Whipples of Exeter where he worked for two years before becoming an independent glass painter.

In 1947 the Dean of York Eric Milner-White a famous supporter of Christian artwork and literature invited Stammers to move to York and establish a glass painting workshop in the style of the medieval craftsmen who had built the Minster.

Stammers stayed in York until 1960 when he retired to Bradwell near Milton Keynes where he died in 1969.

He made over 150 different windows in his lifetime, his most viewed being the glass in Seol Cathedral in Korea.

Each one of his windows is said to have a self portrait within it, and so we think that St Matthew's is no exception, and he is the man on the right of the dinner table scene wearing glasses. 

More information on all the work of Harry Stammers can be found in the new book by Henry Hinchcliffe, including some photographs of St Matthew's windows. It is available from the following link: